We are a team.


We respect to the individual, environment and labour.

Ethics and Honesty

We establish all our relations on transparency, sustainability, mutual trust and honesty approach.

Self-Sacrifice and Perfectionism

We do not content ourself with the things we own today, but continuously improve every aspect of our work from purchasing to production, from R&D to customer relations.

Innovation and Creativity

We produce innovative and creative solutions to meet the current requirements.

Continuous Development and Leadership

We continuously improve ourself and our business through our sustainable continuous development policies. In this direction, we proud of undertaking liability and guiding our team-mates.


VLE personnel do not want anything for anyone that they do not want for their own self. Do not look out for religion, language, race and gender.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

The satisfaction of all our stakeholders from our customer-relations to our supplier-selection and personnel is our priority.

Self-Confidence and Liability

We encourage and authorize the individuals in terms of liability, initiative and self-confidence.

High Quality Approach Insight

What we do, we do with high quality and never make concession on quality.

Equality of Opportunity and Justice

We believe in the importance of justice, equality of opportunity and paying equal value to each individual.

Efficient and Responsible Resource and Asset Utilization

We use our resources and assets in an effective and responsible manner.


We value specialization, as well as all skills and disciplines required to achieve our vision and mission.


We observe the confidentiality of our stakeholders' information.