Validations & Test Laboratory

We believe that the new product development process is the most important process in achieving the expected quality of the customer's product.

Every stage of this process, within the scope of advanced product quality planning is commented customer oriented.

VLE is an IPC member since 2014. Over 100 standards which is related different production processes are used as a handbook so as to meet the customer's high expectations on PCBAs manufacturing. With the same point of view, we request our supplier-selection to handle IPC standards as a tool.

We encourage the employees to be certified IPC Trainers and IPC Specialists hereby we ensure these IPC standards could be comprehend and easily implemented from sub-material incoming to final product.

Much importance is placed on the further development of quality assurance at VLE. For this reason, we also continuously invest in the development of the testing laboratory.

We can rapidly take your electronic prototypes or production samples and perform any of the tests shown here.

Failure Analysis

VLE's failure analysis and investigation services identify root causes of failures to improve future performance and solve problems.

Our failure analysis reports are clear and concise with high-quality photos and recommendations.

Digital Microscope up to 2000x optical magnification

Circuit Simulators which supplied by customer

PCB Qualification

The first step to obtain a good product is to be sure that your PCBs meet construction specifications and IPCs requirements: VLE has all the capabilities to assure this issue always operating according to IPC test methods and evaluating PCB characteristic according to the IPC standards.

Micro Section Test IPC TM 650 2.1.1
Profile Projector (2D measurement)
Solder Mask Adhesion (tape test) IPC TM 650 2.4.1 E
Solderability Test J – STD – 003 / J – STD – 002
Bow & Twist Test IPC TM 650 2.4.22C

PCBA Qualification

Before releasing a new product, assembled PCB quality can be assessed by qualifying soldering process in all its features: chemicals, solder alloys, thermal profiles, joints resistance.

X-RAY Analysis IPC- A-610 and IPC- 7095
Thermal Shock & Climatic Chambers IEC 60068-2-14, 60068-2-33 IEC
60068 2 series IPC-TM-650-2.6.6-7
Shear / Pull Test JIS-Z3198-7
Micro Section Test IPC TM 650 2.1.1

Process Qualification

Strain Gage Analysis IPC/JEDEC 9704
PCB PCBA Cleanliness IPC-TM-650 2.3.25