Our OHS and Environment Policy

The health and safety of our community, personnel, customer-relations, supplier-selection and workmates is our priority. Providing a safe and health working environment and producing user- and environment- friendly products is our commitment.

According to our commitment, for the purpose of completely avoiding the work accidents, removing the occupational diseases and other health concerns, and ensuring a healthy working environment, VLE Electronics:

  • Observes national and international laws and legislations, as well as commercial rules of ethics.
  • Uses technologies and methods with least level of negative impact on the environment while planning the new investments related to our field of activity, enlarging the machine parks and improving the technological infrastructure level. Prefers the machines and equipment with the lowest level of risk through observing the safety and health of the personnel.
  • Takes the measures to reduce the emissions and noise spread by the facilities to the lowest level and to prevent their release to the nature as to not jeopardize the human health. Protects the human health at the top level in all operations conducted.
  • Performs activities to raise the awareness and conscious of all stakeholders and personnel concerning the occupational health and safety, as well as the environment.
  • Supports the in-house culture of environment and occupational safety by raising awareness on occupational health and safety among its personnel.
  • Forms the infrastructure required to provide a healthy and safe working environment for its personnel, subcontractors and visitors.
  • Identifies the occupational health and safety, as well as environment related risks of all activities and by preparing action plans against these risks, takes measures to prevent the negativities, such as work accidents, occupational diseases and environmental pollution, etc., before they occur.
  • Prohibits the entrance of the personnel and visitors who are determined to be under the impact of alcohol and psychoactive drug into the production area.
  • Pays attention to use the natural resources in the most efficient and productive manner.
  • Pays attention to use recycled materials through minimizing its wastes. Encourages the recycling by means of separating the wastes.
  • Continuously follows up the performance values related to the occupational health, occupational safety and environment and ensures their improvement.

October 15th,2014
Mehmet Fatih Bayraktar
General Manager