Information Security Policy

With the implementation of this policy, VLE Electronics Senior Management commits and declares to fulfill the following basic principles that are required for the reliability, continuity and sustainability of the services within the scope of the Information Security Management System, in order to ensure the continuation of production processes realized with the vision of ‘being a qualified, competitive and innovative global solution partner in the electronics industry -from the concept to the product- in terms of world standards'.

  • Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of all information assets within the scope against ever-growing internal and external threats by carrying out risk assessments,
  • Compliance with Information Security requirements of the organization and our stakeholders (customer, supplier, government agencies) and conditions arising from laws, regulations, circulars, contracts, standards and sectoral requirements,
  • Provision of all necessary resources (infrastructure, process and personnel) for the Information Security Management System (ISMS),
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of the information produced and / or used in the scope of ISMS, regardless of whether the corporate and personal information belongs to third parties,
  • Improving technical and behavioral competencies in order to raise the awareness of all employees about information security and providing necessary trainings to contribute to the effectiveness of ISMS,
  • Taking measures to prevent repetition of real or suspected violations of information security, and ensuring that all employees are fully compliant with the issues covered by the ISMS,
  • Supporting and ensuring continuous improvement of the targeted outputs of the Information Security Management System.

In the field of Information Security, we strive to be a pioneer in our sector by managing above activities in an integrated manner with all other management systems implemented within the scope of our organization.

Mehmet Fatih Bayraktar
General Manager