Environmental and OHS Applications

New personnel are trained in OHS and Environmental Orientation before being taken to the production area. OHS and Environment Orientation training lasts all day and following the theoretical training, site practice is made and the content of the training is exhibited in practice; the practice is performed particularly by using the route from the emergency exit doors to the collection areas.

At least once every 2 years, all personnel take Basic Occupational Safety Training (8 hours) and Basic Occupational Health Training (4 hours).

Internal and external trainings on Occupational Health and Safety & Environment (First-Aid Trainings, Emergency Trainings, Emergency Exercises, Chemical and Waste Trainings, Chemical and Waste Exercises, Ergonomics Trainings, Work At High Trainings, Single-Point Trainings, etc.) are performed during the year.


No occupational diseases, fatal work accidents or lost day work accident happened in our factory. Work accidents happened have been recorded as mild, harmless or insignificant accidents.

OHS and Environment Policy Work Accidents Report
* Accident Frequency Rate = (Total Work Accidents / Total Working Hour) / 1000000
* Accident Weight Rate = (Total Working Day Loss / Total Working Hour) / 1000000
* Accident Frequency Speed = (Total of Accidents / Total Number of Personnel)


The Workplace Physician regularly conducts employment examination, return to work examinations, continuous monitoring of the pregnant/breastfeeding personnel and periodical examinations. At VLE Electronics, periodic health scans are repeated once every 2 years and the results are examined by the Workplace Physician and Other Health Personnel and the necessary actions are taken.


Our risk assessment report is reviewed monthly due to near-miss incidents, dangerous case notifications, layout changes, and enlargement of the machine park. Department based evaluation meetings are held periodically once in a year and the risk assessment is updated.


In order to ensure and maintain the safe working environment of our personnel and according to the Annual Work Plan, the pressurized container, forklift, pallet trucks, lightning rods and grounding measurements, fire installation/pump controls, fire extinguishing media controls and fire detection system controls, transformer and AG-OG cell maintenances, electric panel, manlift, load platform, rack system controls, natural gas station maintenances are performed by authorized organizations.

The necessary maintenance periods have been established by our Maintenance Department and the periodical maintenance of work equipment is also implemented through internal/external service procurements.

In order to ensure and maintain the healthy working environment of our personnel; the filter replacement of the water dispensers, the cleaning of the water dispensers and the drinking water test and reports are carried out by the Public Health Laboratory. Indoor measurements (noise, thermal comfort, dust, voc, lighting measurements and personal exposure measurements) are periodically performed by authorized organizations.

For the risks identified as a result of the applied periodical controls and the indoor measurements are followed up by taking actions.