Customers Relations

We believe that the communication is a key factor to ensure a positive relationship with customer-relations. Therefore, we commission the customer representatives for different tasks of development process. In the cross functional team the Quality Approach Project Leader manages and coordinates all the Customer Quality Approach related process.

The Quality Approach Engineers are the voice of the customer in VLE. They follow up the targets and other metrics to measure the customer satisfaction and assess the level of quality from prototypes to series production

From the very early stages of the development, Cross Functional Teams work in a way to ensure that product and process performances are in line with the Customer Technical Specifications and Customer Specific Requirements

Returned parts are managed by the related Quality Approach Project Leader and Quality Approach Engineer according to Customer Specific Requirements (Portal, 8D, etc.) with the assigned deadline.

We aim to continuous improvement by keeping some Key Process Indicators (Returned parts ppm for Customer and Warranty, Repetitive Corrective Actions)