Code of Ethics


VLE determines its code of conduct in all areas with this “Code of Ethics”. It is expected from VLE and any third parties involved with VLE to form and maintain common values, the VLE employees to be aware of their conduct and their attitude, to act that is exemplary in terms of themselves and the “VLE” name they represent and to adopt an ethic work and management approach.


The purpose of this document is to clearly define the ethic code of conduct as the employees within VLE to adhere to, assist and guide them in their pursuit of acting according to the ethic rules.


Ethic Rules, including VLE Elektronik Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.Ş. Board of Directors and the Senior Management, any employee at any level.


VLE work ethics approach requires conduct at the highest level. Our work ethics approach that is based on truth and integrity, including our financial and operational works, technological assets and our brand value, these ethics form the basis of any operations regarding our internal affairs and other affairs with the third parties. Since personal ethics may vary based on the community that the employee is in, the environment or the standards of life, in order to ensure that personal ethics approach differences do not affect VLE operations and works, “VLE Ethic Rules” are defined. The VLE perspective and applications to “ethics” are clearly defined.

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